I earned my stripes at one of the world’s great agencies, then went to the corporate side and Re-Branded a $4 billion retail chain. That gives you an edge.
  • Created the campaign that won Fedex for BBDO/NY, strategized on the original Visa campaign and saved the Visa B2B and Visa Australia business.
  • Managed Creative Groups for Fedex, Skippy, Mountain Dew, Pillsbury, Sun Chips, Alka-Seltzer Plus, and Gillette Dry Idea.
  • Contributed to winning pitches on Navy, Pizza Hut, M&M Mars, Hyatt, Frito Lay, and Chrysler.
  • On the client side, I built an in-house ad department and gave Burlington a library of commercials that broke sales records
My work has been cited in Archive, Communication Arts, Graphic and Print Annuals and won virtually every industry award.
My solutions in TV, Print and Digital are smart, memorable and brand building.
My standards are exactingly high and I’m fast (thanks, retail).
When the founders wanted to sell Burlington, I was asked to create a film for Goldman Sachs to show prospective buyers. I’m told it helped. Bain Capital bought the company for $2.1 billion.
I designed the heart “B” in the Burlington logo.
My heart is also in everything I do.
My advertising philosophy? When I look at an ad I want it to startle me!
If you’re looking for an edge, contact me.

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People Say
Phil Dusenberry was a hero of mine, like Roy Hobbs in The Natural, for which Phil co-wrote the screenplay. He made BBDO a powerhouse, the best big agency in the World.  When I was hired there, I felt like I had made the starting lineup of the NY Yankees.  Having Phil buy your idea was advertising nirvana. It could even get you a raise. He was my guiding light, someone who helped elect a US President, helped renew NYC's spirit after 911and someone who was a terrific writer.  When I asked to go work at BBDO Chicago, this is the letter he wrote on my behalf..

"I know you've had some dialogue with Robert Greenbaum. I would just like to say that he's a really good guy and a top-notch writer. He'll add a great deal to any organization he's part of, and no small thing, Rob is willing to take on the accounts and assignments others tend to avoid. He's also one of the hardest working guys I know and will give you a lot more than you may have expected. Just an opinion -- but one that's shared by most everyone here at BBDO/NY.”
Best regards,

Phil Dusenberry, Former Chairman, BBDO North America

“Robert Greenbaum is simply brilliant and one of the best creative minds I've ever met. Few people in the world have the ability to create ideas that are truly unexpected where you ask yourself, "How did he think of that?" Robert is one of those few. I worked with Robert at BBDO in the 80s when he was a rising star. It was easy to see why. Beyond his brilliance, he was easy to work with, strategic and a real mensch. He is the best.”
Lonny Strum, Senior Vice President, BBDO/New York
“Robert is an amazing Creative Director. His ideas are brilliant. He created our company logo/icon, His branding of my former company is famous. A true genius in the field of marketing, branding and advertising.”
Stephen Milstein – Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Burlington Coat Factory
“Robert is in a class of his own and will rival any creative director. Management always expects unique creative ideas, but it takes a creative genius to create an idea and make it a living breathing campaign that grows and evolves over time. He’s a “team leader" that works in collaboration, not just with management but with other talented creative resources. His resume with Burlington has endless awards and recognition from industry peers and direct success stories in revenue growth. Robert is an asset to any business that needs to creatively define its existence and reach their customers!”
Mark Nesci, C.E.O., Burlington Coat Factory


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